Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Superbowl to test roman numeral grasp

D - first of all, I'd like to ruefully admit that I could not figure out how to read the Roman numerals either.

The use of Roman numerals to designate Super Bowls began with game V in 1971, won by the Baltimore Colts over the Dallas Cowboys 16-13 on Jim O’Brien’s 32-yard field goal with five seconds remaining. Numerals I through IV were added later for the first four Super Bowls.

“The NFL didn’t model after the Olympics,” said Dan Masonson, director of the league’s corporate communications. Instead, he said, the Roman system was adopted to avoid any confusion that might occur because of the way the Super Bowl is held in a different year from the one in which most of the regular season is played.

Bob Moore, historian for the Kansas City Chiefs, credits the idea of using Roman numerals to Lamar Hunt, the late Chiefs owner and one of the godfathers of the modern NFL. (History also credits Hunt with coming up with the name “Super Bowl” for the big game.)

“The Roman numerals made it much more important,” Moore said. “It’s much more magisterial.”

They may know what X means, or V and I, but Roman numerals beyond the basics have largely gone the way of cursive and penmanship as a subject in schools.

Students in high school and junior high get a taste of the Roman system during Latin classes (where Latin is still taught, anyway). And they learn a few Roman numerals in history class when they study the monarchs of Europe.

But in elementary school, “Roman numerals are a minor topic,” said Jeanine Brownell of the early mathematics development program at Erickson Institute, a child-development graduate school in Chicago.


D - Yup, I'm trying to link Superbowl buzz to linguistic stuff. <:

D - on Sunday, I will be preparing a lovely series of Scottish-themed food dishes for some close friends, while trying to speak with a poor Scottish accent. We will also read Burns poetry, and drink some fairly cheap but good booze.
In single malts, Glenkinchi 12yo was my 'first love', but I can afford the still decent Black Grouse.


dino snider said...

A nice perk of Roman numerals is that forging an entry is very difficult. You cannot just add a coupla digits to the end.

dino snider said... My offering on a # system. <: