Friday, February 10, 2012

Harper seeking anglophone newcomers

D - and French.
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D - I ran down why this generation of immigrants are not reaching a typical Canadian income quickly compared to those in the 70's.
The gov't report suggested:
1) saturation in highly credentialed category
2) economic cycles.

D - I would suggest that nat-lang (natural language) inherent difficulty factors into this. It is ubiquitous in the background.
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I looked at WHERE our immigrants now come from. ASIA. Then the MID- EAST. (image, sentiment towards immigration)

Skilled immigrants driving cabs or flipping burgers are costing the Canadian economy up to $15 billion, according to a recent study led by Prof. Jeffrey Reitz of sociology and industrial relations. “Canada is moving into the knowledge economy, yet there has been a ‘brain waste’ of immigrant professionals because we are not putting their skills into practice,” he says.


D - this hints at something. Somewhere, behind all this language and immigrant (and education system failures), there is a dollar amount.
That dollar total is the cost of an overly-complex language as the 'lingua france' of my society. Globally, there is a comparable concept.
So a good aux-lang pitch would describe how that IAL is an INVESTMENT, and how, like a good stock market purchase, it will pay dividends in perpetuity.
Gotta prep for work, so I'll run down those #s another time.
But that $# gives us a meaningful economic quantity to reference when we speak of the literal 'value' of a standard excellent IAL.

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