Thursday, February 16, 2012

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To behave like Charlie Sheen – “partying, questionable decision making and public humiliation.”

The prolific production of (often not very good) songs.

Dubious description of glamorous fifty-year-olds.


D - fun. I was just looking for variations on "blog".

E.g. A spam blog, sometimes referred to by the neologism splog,[1] is a blog which the author uses to promote affiliated websites, to increase the search engine rankings of associated sites or to simply sell links/ads.


vlog 2
blending and clipping noun
a set of serially uploaded videos (usually on Youtube) that chronicle the daily events/life adventures of the vlogger. Similar to blogs, except not typed, but shot in video form.

Used only in reference to videos that are uploaded on the internet and for public viewing. If a movie were to be shot using the same style, it would not be referred to as a vlog.
Etymology : the compound ‘web’ + ‘log’ was clipped to ‘blog’ and then blended to make ‘video’ + ‘blog’ = ‘vlog’
Source : “This is my video blog. It’s my vlog!” (Youtube, 10-24-11)


10 Neologisms: A LIBATION for Blogger Almost every time I invent new words, or think I'm inventing new words, relatingto blogging, I sheepishly discover there are 140,000 uses of that word alreadycollected by Google....I guess they just suggest themselves naturally, words like"blogazine."Okay, I'm going to attempt to offer 10 new usable words for Blogger and will checkGoogle AFTER to see if these have all been launched elsewhere.

1. Blogophilia--obviously, love of blogs, and perhaps a pathological fetishizationof blogs...
2. Blogasthenia--weakness resulting from having overblogged, complete blog-relatedexhaustion (B.R.E.).
3. Blogorrhea--logorrhea of the blog; excessive posting or commenting on a blog.
4. Blogectomy--removal of your blog from the net; hitting that DELETE button.
5. Blogophrenia--inability to distinguish reality from blog; sufferingbloginations (blog-related hallucinations).
6. Blogocracy--the state wherein prevailing taste is determined by blogs; rule byblogs.
7. Blogoma--an annoying blog tumor; text that metastasizes from blog to blog.
8. Bloganescence--the process whereby a website evolves into a blog.
9. Blogback--unwanted or undesired responses to a posting made, either on your ownblog or elswhwere as a commenter. As awful as blowback usually.
10. Blogebrity--a blog celebrity; someone whose fame results largely from blogattention.


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