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"Tagliamonte did a two-year study showing that Internet and text acronyms such as PAW (parents are watching) or TTYL (talk to you later) show a sophisticated grasp of language, rather than a linguistic doomsday scenario.


The students also submitted Grade 12 English essays. Tagliamonte found that underneath the acronyms, grammar was intact. The short forms were a case of adapting to the medium rather than a decline in grammatical skill.


By far, the most common acronym is LOL (laughing out loud). But acronyms only accounted for about 1 per cent of the words the students used, Tagliamonte said.
Their usage of acronyms is not exclusive to their generation either. For example, we barely notice older acronyms such as TV anymore, she said.
“The acronyms our grandparents used may be recognized as common words in our language now,” she said. “Acronyms aren’t new. But these ones are used by young people, so they’re reviled by older people.” "


D - acronyms have been around a long time. Here are a few from the days of the telegraph and Morse Code.

Morse code abbreviations
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Morse code abbreviations differ from prosigns for Morse Code in that they observe normal interletter spacing; that is, they are not "run together" the way prosigns are. From 1845 until well into the second half of the 20th century, commercial telegraphic code books were used to shorten telegrams, e.g. "Pascoela = Natives have plundered everything from the wreck".[1]
AA All after (used after question mark to request a repetition)
AB All before (similarly)
ARRL American Radio Relay League
ABT About
ADR Address
AGN Again
ANT Antenna
ARND Around


D - here are some NATO abbreviations. Notice how many are the first syllable of each in a sequence of words. I might try something similar, but with main topic first, and a preposition for nuance. E.g. XYZ office - OR office of/for/by XYZ... .

2 NATLAS definitions Suggest New
National Laboratory Assessment Scheme
National Testing Laboratory Accreditat…

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