Thursday, August 13, 2009

what grade level are political speeches written at?

Other speeches delivered during the convention ranged from grade levels of 10.5 to 6.4:

* 10.5 (Al Gore),
* 10.3 (Bill Clinton),
* 8.7 (Hillary Clinton)
* 8.0 (Michelle Obama)
* 6.4 (Joe Biden)

Two of the most important and popular speeches in American history, The Gettysburg Address by Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King’s I Have a Dream speech also registered at ninth grade levels (9.1 and 8.8 respectively).
D: so one needs to speak at the level of basic literacy, not functional literacy.

So what are all those kids learning after that for?
They can watch TV. <:

The Laubach teaching method has a system of 5 levels.
Level 2 seems to be the inability to smoothly pronounce polysyllabic words without breaking them down.

Frankly, this works well in Decimese with its basic CV- construction.

Core concepts of one syllable words from ancient languages.

D: I might be in a position to take weekdays off next month.
I'd use that to finish my Hioxian letter system and to develop the tier 1 of Decimese.
Tier 1 is strictly closed class function words.
Doesn't sound very hard, until one realizes I don't just make a clone of English.
Or any other attempt.
I attempt to incorporate the composite nature of many closed class words.
I harp mostly on pronouns, since they are the most obvious example.
As always, the whole language is derived from MELTS - math, ethics, logic, time, space.

I'm reading "The God Delusion" right now.
I'd like a language that has optional overt indicators of literal/metaphor/spiritual/ a religous "truth".
Imagine if the ancients had that.
We'd know if we are looking at a parable or anecdote, for example.
History or myth.

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