Tuesday, January 26, 2010

brain uses triangle, not grid, to navigate. implications.


They fire in patterns that show up as geometrically regular, triangular grids when plotted on a map of a navigated surface. They were discovered by a Norwegian lab in 2005 whose research suggested that rats create virtual grids to help them orient themselves in their surroundings, and remember new locations in unfamiliar territory.
Study co-author Dr Caswell Barry said: "It is as if grid cells provide a cognitive map of space. In fact, these cells are very much like the longitude and latitude lines we're all familiar with on normal maps, but instead of using square grid lines it seems the brain uses triangles.

D: Buckminster Fuller was an advocate of using 60 degrees, not 90, as the basis of discussion.

I'd suggest reading his Synergetics but his idiolect take on English is nearly impossible to understand.
Read a book by a translator.

D: skim read it. Some profound ideas.

Tetrahedral Accounting

A chief hallmark of this system of mensuration was its unit of volume: a tetrahedron defined by four closest-packed unit-radius spheres. This tetrahedron anchored a set of concentrically arranged polyhedra proportioned in a canonical manner and inter-connected by a twisting-contracting, inside-outing dynamic named the Jitterbug Transformation.

Marshall McLuhan came to close to Fuller's incomprehensibility.
He coined the term, "the medium is the message".
One soundbite from a whole career of trying. Wow.
I tried reading a book of his on media theory once. Jabberwocky has nothing on him.
It was nonsense verse.
I threw it out.

D: generative semantics. Huh. VERSE (24 quarter-pitch-tone Eastern octave put to pidgin English) resembles this.
I unpacked verb infixes into word particles. Then could place them in a tonal system.
A similar article/adjective system exists for nouns. And so on.
The overt indications of static or non-static verbs could be handy.
The textbook defines killed as cause...become-not-alive.
This is a fascinating hint at how minimal though wordy a vocabulary can be.
I imagine Ogden was aspiring to this.
Though the above definition is clear from each word put together.
It is not idiomatic like some of the get/set/put word combinations.
Put up? Put forth" Put away.
Chair. Sit on the chair. Get the chair- death. Approach the chair- meeting head.

D: gotta read this by Ogden.
And Adam Smith on a math of morality.
Leibniz dreamed of a universal language and a calculus of reason which would reduce all problems to numerical computation.

To stand taller, stand on the shoulders of giants that came before.

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Dino Snider said...

Had lil' case of crossed wires at work. Did contractors/the contractors leave? They left- 2 of 4.
They is pretty vague- it just means plural. And due to political correctness, it means he and she too.
The Decimese AEIOU connection to 0,1,2,3 and 4 dimensions can get recycled here. They minimal? 2. Some -less than all, more than 2. They - all. 2,3,4D. A pronoun for he/she/it (non-gendered) could be the 1D vowel applied to this application. Hmm. Wonder what 0D means... grammatical name for third person?