Monday, December 19, 2011

BRIC to surpass the First World nations

God I hate you Google. Your blog interface is broken.

D - image is economic growth in Billions.

Brazil, China and India trade places with the various Western powers.
Collectively their clout will match the "First World" by 2030.
That means I need to focus on Urdu, Hindi, Mandarin, Cantonese... and Portuguese.
And English.

I'm reading a book called "The Rise and Fall of Empires" by Kennedy right now.
Very illuminating. It does make me think Canada needs to focus on productivity and economic growth more than it is presently.

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Dino Snider said...

Future trends still look robust in Brazil and India, but these countries should now be in new company -- a group of dynamic and democratic emerging economies. Let's call them the TIMBIs: Turkey, India, Mexico, Brazil, and Indonesia.

D - Europe and America? Amerope? Eurica? The English/Latin-derived collectivity.