Saturday, September 24, 2011

translations and ad fails around the world


Turn it loose! Good 1, Coors beer. Loose stool in Spanish.
Nova car - no go in Spanish.

And others that are just bewildering.

Wouldn't a nice auxiliary language be nice for moments like this?

Brinn's Uplift war sci-fi setting and 'Galactic Languages'.

D - honing phrases in Toki Pona right now.
Getting insights from this for CVN.
Only a decade old, there are already 'obsolete terms' LOL.

Maybe an inevitable result of so few phonemes, but there are many words with only 1 minimal pair variation. E.g. seli- hot, selo- skin.
Some such pairs are obvious enough that they are not a problem. E.g. sama- same, kama - came. Then nimi- name. Surprise!

Learning any new language provides insights. Even when a feature exists in my native tongue, seeing it in an alien 1 makes that feature fresh and obvious again.
E.g. kiwen - hard. Palisa - long and hard. <: Don't ask how I remember that LOL.
Naughty stuff is more memorable, so is ideal for memorizing vocabulary.
Linja - 'long and thin'. Liju- 'flat and flexible'. I began to think about a CVN word generation system that combines spatial dimensions with physical properties such as rigid/flexible and hard/soft - even the 4 states of matter (plasma, gas, liquid, solid). The distant future version starts to look like English structure again. I keep returning to the CCCVCCC structure of the word 'strengths', with TENG as the initial core word.

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