Thursday, June 25, 2009

most resumés have grammar errors - dying art

Experts found that 94% of job hunters risked missing out on vacancies through CV blunders such as poor spelling, grammar or presentation on their CVs.

From a sample of 450 CVs, researchers found that 81% were laden with spelling and grammatical errors, while nearly half were poorly laid out.

A mere six per cent were error-free, the study by career advisers Personal Career Management (PCM) concluded.

D: read the examples. Very funny!

Grammar should at least be consistent. I understand personal style has much to do with grammar, but it should still be consistent!
It should also be clear. If typical grammar becomes unclear, then either rephrase the sentence, or change the punctuation.

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Dino Snider said...

OK, there is ONE time when your writing style should NOT be consistent. To spoof online HR search engines. E.g. MBA - Masters in Business Administration. Use all 3-5 permutations. Who knows which version of this keyword their search program is looking for! I wonder if white-on-white font /background is acceptable for this purpose.