Sunday, January 4, 2009

homophones and such

  1. accessary, accessory
  2. ad, add
  3. ail, ale
  4. air, heir
  5. aisle, I'll, isle
  6. all, awl
  7. allowed, aloud
  8. alms, arms
  9. altar, alter
  10. arc, ark
D: and then there are triplets, even quadruplets. awe, oar, or,
aye, eye, I
bel, bell, belle
bight, bite, byte
braise, brays, braze
buy, by, bye
caw, core, corps
censer, censor, sensor
cite, sight, site
cue, kyu, queue
doe, doh, dough
ewe, yew, you
(Reminds me of a variant of song lyric :hey you get off of my cloud! Hey, McCloud, get off of my ewe! <:)
flew, flu, flue
for, fore, four
haw, hoar, whore
heal, heel, he'll
holey, holy, wholly
meat, meet, mete
miner, minor, mynah
  1. pair, pare, pear
  2. palate, palette, pallet
  3. paten, patten, pattern
  4. pause, paws, pores, pours
  5. peak, peek, peke, pique
praise, prays, preys
  1. rain, reign, rein
  2. raise, rays, raze
right, rite, wright, write
roo, roux, rue
saw, soar, sore
  1. sear, seer, sere
  2. seas, sees, seize
  3. sew, so, sow

  1. taught, taut, tort
  2. te, tea, tee
there, their, they're
  1. to, too, two
  2. toad, toed, towed
vain, vane, vein
wail, wale, whale
ware, wear, where
  1. way, weigh, whey
  2. we, wee, whee
weal, we'll, wheel
yaw, yore, your, you're


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